Windows and doors create the first impression for your house. They are a smart investment because they beautify your home, save you money on the energy bills, and of course, keep you safe and comfortable. Naturally, people are happy to make this investment. But, what many of them do not realize is that installation plays a critical role in getting the maximum utility out of an expensive window and door. If you are not using a reliable windows installation company, then you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment and undertaking risks that may not be apparent at the moment.

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After all, that time spent on browsing and buying those beautiful windows and doors for your dream house, installation tends to become an afterthought. But it really shouldn’t be. Here is what you should know about the dangers of poor installation because it has the power to turn your expensive windows and doors into worthless piles of junk.

Difficulty in Use:

You can easily tell a poorly installed window or a door from the professionally installed kind by its ease of use. A window that does not open all the way, a window that requires considerable upper body strength to open it, and other such problems are symptomatic of a window installation gone wrong. Such windows and doors take out the joy of watching the beautiful world outside through them. But, that’s not all they do.

A poor installation can become a real safety hazard too!

What if you have a small child in your living room, while your bedroom door gets jammed?

In many cases, doors and windows may become creaky in a matter of a few weeks to a few months. So, while you were aiming to give your house a facelift with those gorgeous windows and doors, the unprofessional installation has managed to turn it into an old haunted castle.

Brace Yourself! The Water is Coming:

One of the biggest problems caused by the improper installation is the water damage. While aluminum and vinyl door installations can withstand the water damage, the rest of the house may not. The water seeps into the house through the bad sealing job and the cracks. And that is never good. Water damage may cost you thousands of dollars in repair. Not to mention the re-installation that you will have to anyway undertake after the water fiasco.

Water damage and a beautiful house cannot really co-exist. So, the money you spent on the renovation, upgrades, and improvements is effectively wasted.

Poor Heating and Cooling:

Doors and windows are the main entry and exit points for air to travel into and out of your house. Poorly installed windows and doors create air drafts in the house. These will, in turn, make it difficult for the heating or the cooling system to create a uniform temperature throughout the house.

You will now have lots of hot and cold spots dispersed throughout your house, and every family member will be left to hunt for the cozy spots with just the right temperature. That’s very inconvenient.

Loss of the Environment, loss to you:

By now, you know that a poorly installed door or a window will not allow temperatures to be uniform throughout the house. So, the air conditioners and the radiators will have to work harder and longer to make a room cooler or hitter respectively. What does that do for your utility bills?

Bedroom Doors
With poor installation, you are looking at a considerable increase in your energy bills. Also, the more power you use, the less environment-friendly you become. So, the improper installation will make you pay more for being bad to the environment? Talk about a lose-lose situation!

Infestation Alert!

There are all kinds of slithering menaces in your garden. Bad windows installation and bad entry doors installation are open invitations for them to set up tents in your house. Such infestations can put you and your family’s health at stake.Who will be looking at those stunning windows and doors you bought when everybody is running to the hospital to get shots every alternate day.

Appearance is Ruined:

Improper installations destroy the functionality of windows and doors and make them look hideous. You can buy the most expensive doors and windows in the market, but if the installer does not do his job right, then you are left with a crooked door or window that won’t close properly. Now you are just stuck with an expensive reminder of a badly executed decision.

Final Words:

Windows and Doors are an integral element of every house. They are not only crucial for your safety, but also important for your comfort. And of course, they make the house look awesome. Improper installation takes all of that away.

Here is some expert advice – doors and windows are only as good as their installation.