Re-designing your bathroom?

When you are deciding how you want your bathroom to look, the first thing you need to work out is the layout. Treat your Baths can come in all shapes and sizes so remember

When it comes to layout it is more economical to stick to service points and water pipes that area l ready there. If you are starting from scratch, go for the roomiest option. Ask your plumber what is possible, generally there is leeway to some extent.
There are ways to maximise spaciousness within your bathroom if you have limited room:

  • Use pale subtle colours
  • Mirrors bring depth to a room
  • One large mirror can trick the consciousness into thinking the room is twice the size.
  • By positioning a large mirror opposite a window can maximise light.
  • Light coloured fixtures do not look as prominent as dark coloured fixtures. It is a safe bet to go with white. It will never go out of fashion, looks great when clean. It is easy to match toilets, sinks, baths and showers from separate ranges if you stick with white. Another good feature about white fixtures is that you will always be able to find a replacement that will fit with your decor.
  • Do not neglect the space under your sink! There is a new variety of storage available now that wraps around the stem of your sink.
  • Cabinets can be concealed behind your mirror. There are plenty of mirrors out there that double up as a cabinet, they do not need to be deep, think about how wide your toiletries are.
  • An alternative to a radiator would be a heated towel rack, you might as well kill two birds with one stone, and they look more fitting in a bathroom.
  • Combine your shower and bath. This can save a lot of space, however, there are many ways of doing this. My advice would be to stay clear of the tap plug-in. These make temperature of water very difficult to gage, making a shower take twice as long.
    There are plenty of ways to add colour to your bathroom, rugs, cabinets, paintings and do not forget the small things like toothbrush holders and weighing scales.

Are you fitting your own bath?
Its not rocket science so going the DIY rout can save you a lot of money. There are a few tips that can make fitting a bath easier. First and foremost you need to put the taps in before you put the bath in place. Once you have the bath where you want it can be a nightmare to tighten the taps. The next important thing to remember is the level of the bath needs to be spot on, use a sprit level for the sides. Another way to see whether the bath will drain correctly is to use a marble, if a marble can make it to the drain, so can water. Once it is level the next step is to tile down to the rim of the bath. Do not tile before the bath is fitted as this can create a gap for water to run down. This is the source of most bath leaking problems. With the tiles put up after fitting, water should run down onto the lip of the bath and fall into it, not down the side.